Intro to MUS


What is MUS

Rural and peri-urban people need water for drinking, cooking, washing, sanitation, watering animals, growing food and generating income. Multiple-use water services (MUS) take people’s water needs as the starting point. By looking at all water needs and available water resources holistically, it is possible to make more cost-effective and sustainable investments that generate a broader range of health and livelihood benefits than is possible with single-use systems.

Matching water services with water needs

This briefing note compiled by the MUS Group sets out the benefits and requirements of multiple use water services.

Multiple-use water services meet people’s domestic and productive needs while making the most efficient use of water resources—taking into account different water sources and their quality, quantity, reliability and distance from point of use. A MUS approach can be used to plan a new water service or to upgrade existing domestic or irrigation services. This is a systematic approach that can be scaled up.