[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Renault - MASSMUS guidelines.

This presentation by Daniel Renault provides an overview of the MASSMUS guidelines, a methodology developed by the FAO to assess multiple-uses of water in large-scale irrigation systems.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Van Koppen - guidelines for community MUS.

In this presentation, Barbara van Koppen (IWMI) highlighted guidelines for community scale MUS, as applied in Southern Africa.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  MUS Topic Working Group.

This presentation contains information on the MUS Topic Working Group, established under the CPWF.

[Anonymous].  Submitted.  Nepal: attribution gap in CBA of MUS, Merino, EkoRural.

This presentation by Jorge Merino looks into the difficulties in attribution in CBA of MUS. This is illustrated by case work from Nepal.